Lily & Snout

Artella | Create Together

Oticons 2015


Reem Real Estate TVC 2012

Ghajareya – Menna Hussein

Operation Messi OST 2014

“Made in Egypt” Original Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.08.11 PM

“Suhail & The Lotus Flower” Original Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.13.00 PM

Telephone OST

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.15.24 PM

“Suhail Adventures” Original Soundtrack

“Bashtery Ragel” Original Soundtrack

Aviation Dream

Ala Gothety Original Soundtrack

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.08.00 AM

Nogoum FM Logo Animation 07

Dreampark TVC 2013

Halwany TVC 2016

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.47.20 PM

Mahmoud ElEsseily – Be3edty We Mab3edtish

Edita Corporate

Chipsy lamtna mn ghir fasalan

Samsung Mobiles TVC 2012


Nescafe TVC 2013

TODO (Sparta)

Chipsy Maytkawemsh-Ahmed Helmy

Vitrac CONCENTRATE! (student)

Etisalat USB Modem TVC 2007

The Trigger

▶ Vodafone Mobile Internet TVC 2013

TODO brownies

Hyundai Motors TVC 2008

Rawaby Hawawshi

VITRAC-creamy (Office)

TODO bomb

Operation Messi Intro

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.18.18 PM

El Watar

Chipsy Jumbo TVC 2012

Vitrac TVC Ramadan 2014

TODO (Interview)

Vodafone Illiteracy Campaign 2011

TODO (Castle)

Melody Robot ID

Mahmoud El Esseily – Ew3a Tkhaf

Fern TVC 2015

VITRAC-creamy (Taxi)

Shwayet Eyal 2012 (Opening Titles )

Chipsy Jumbo Bumber 2012

Mahgoub TVC 2015

Hope for Children-Samsung

Beena-Menna Hussein & Amir Hedayah

Lena Chamamyan 2010 – Lamma Bada

Ashgar City – Haramy

Mahmoud El Esseily – Mabsout fe Makanak

Rotana Cinema Logo Animation

VITRAC-creamy (Cafe)

Al-Quds TVC 2013

Shwayet Eyal 2012 (Ending Credits)

Mahmoud El Esseily – De7ka

Cell Safe Bank TVC 2013

Mahmoud El Esseily – El Shaab

Al Tahrir Channel Identity

Extra Time Opening Sequence

“Last Hour” Opening Sequence

“Reporters” Opening Sequence

Mal Wa Aamal Opening sequence

Wa Ma Yaktoboon 2012

“Ma Waraa Al Ahdath” Opening Sequence

“Al Sahafa Taqool” Opening Sequence

Without Oxygen

Momken 2014