Amir Hedayah (born 14 July 1988) is an Egyptian music producer and composer for film and television, best known for his scores for “Artella” the collaboration platform for creating animated films, commercials, video games, and virtual reality. He studied music theory, guitar, and piano at Conservatoire de Musique D’Alexandrie (Alexandria, Egypt). Yet, his informal music education came earlier. As being a part of a music oriented family, Amir Hedayah quickly became enamored by the world of music. In order to expand his network and collaborate on more projects, at the age of 16 he moved from Alexandria to Cairo and began attending Helwan University’s Faculty of Music Education. With a theoretical foundation in music composition, he went on to practice composing for motion pictures and television. In 2013 he won best music special award for scoring “El Watar” feature film. In 2015 he was selected as a top 10 winner at the “Oticons” international film music competition. In 2016 he began his international collaboration with ex-Pixar and co-founder of Animation Mentor and Artella “Bobby Beck” through multiple animated projects on the animation platform “Artella”. Amir Hedayah began his directing career through the music video “Ghajareya” performed by his wife “Menna Hussein”. In 2017 he scored and designed the sound of the world’s 1st virtual reality animated short film “Lily & Snout” through collaboration between Artella and Sketchfab. Currently, Amir Hedayah is based in Los Angeles weaving together his experience in both classical and contemporary music for film and television.